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An Ode to Chestnuts

20 December 2017

Fallen from the chestnut tree
Laying on the ground for me
I warm them up and they crack open wide
Then I eat up the hidden sweetness inside

As polished as wood, as dark as mahogany, chestnuts are the perfect hearty ingredient.  Once, a prickly concor, now the secret ingredient to make your winter dishes come to life.  Roast them, steam them, or puree them for a sweet, nutty addition to any meal.

Photo by Melissa Cohn

Mushroom, hazelnut & butternut cromesquis with delicate chestnut velouté from Benoit

Parsnip Chestnut Soup from Brunoise at Smallman Gally

Chestnut Fettuccine from Vetri Cucina

Chestnut Cauliflower Soup with Parmesan and Black Pepper from Food52, Samantha Weiss Hills