Digital Bullfrog is its own entity, living within the full-service Bullfrog + Baum communications ecosystem.

Our digital clients come to us for our intelligent social media strategy, paid-media savvy and knockout content development. And our influencer relations team is consistently praised as being among the very the best.

And for clients who come to Bullfrog + Baum for comprehensive media work, we mesh with our traditional-services colleagues so smoothly you’ll never see the seams.

Hashtag Social Media

We start with zero assumptions, seeking only to build your social media campaign as an organic, confident extension of your overall brand.

Content is King
(and Queen, Prince, Duke and Baroness)

Our clients come to us, and return to us, because they trust us to connect them to their audiences with lively, energetic, attention-grabbing content that counts. We produce needle-moving content that gets people liking, following and sharing… the kind of stuff that draws your audience in, and then sends them out to spread the word.

Building Communities

Digital Bullfrog outfits every campaign with a dedicated community manager who works virtually (and often literally) around-the-clock, always looking and listening for a chance to spur real-time conversations and engage with audiences in your brand’s distinctive voice.

The Art of Amplification

We believe in the smart, efficient application of paid strategies. The cool part is that, when done right, paid placements will sync artfully with your overall messaging resulting in amplified brand reach, a more robust following, and a firmer base for your wider social efforts.

We Know Influencers.

Your influencer buck should produce a big influencer bang…but not just that. With your ROI in mind, we develop programs that put influencers to work in service of both your short- and long-term goals. We’ve even developed an algorithm that qualifies each influencer – those we know and those we haven’t yet met – ensuring a collaboration that meets your unique goals.

Data. Analytics.

We are data people too. Partly because this is where we get to see exactly how we’re doing. And, more important, it’s how we can show you the results we’re getting on your behalf. We accomplish this with easy-to-understand reports that highlight the metrics that matter most.

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