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An Ode to Mushrooms

23 October 2017

Soft, fleshy fungi,
Huddled close by roots and leaves.
Sprouting from damp soil and crisp air
Growing large among the trees.

Bountiful in number and variety, the meaty mushroom is ripe for the picking.  Button, shitaki, morel, maitake and the almighty black truffle, these fleshy funghi are packed with rich umami flavors that will elevate your favorite dish.  We’re foraging for the best recipes that highlight these earthy beauties – they’re fall’s treat and our pleasure to eat!

Mini Mushroom Hot Pot with 6 kinds of Autumn mushrooms at Her Name is Han

Milk braised Pennsylvania lamb with cavatelli pasta, and slow roasted maitake mushrooms from brunoise inside Pittsburgh’s Smallman Galley

White Mushroom Pizza Pie with truffle paste, fontina, taleggio, and sage at L’Amico

Photo by Melissa Cohn

Photo by Melissa Cohn

Kale and Wild Mushroom Paella, crispy artichokes, egg at Gato

Raviolis Aux Shampignons at Boucherie

Roasted Marrow Bone with Morels, Herb Salad, and Country Bread at Porter House Bar and Grill

Yaki Eringi Mushrooms at Blue Ribbon Kanpai Garden

Photo by Melissa Cohn

Photo by Melissa Cohn