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#PerSister: Celebrating the Women in Hospitality During National Women’s History Month

2 March 2019

March 1st marks the first day of an entire month of celebrating women. That’s right; March is National Women’s History Month! To celebrate, Bullfrog + Baum will spotlight notable women in the hospitality industry. We believe hospitality is everywhere, and everywhere there is hospitality, you’ll find women, both heralded and unsung, working to make hospitality happen. That’s why we’ve launched #PerSister, a campaign to bolster strong women and support up-and-coming figures – may we know one, may we raise one, may we BE one!

Originally only a week long, National Women’s History Week was created as part of a presidential proclamation by President Jimmy Carter in 1980 to introduce women’s history into school curriculums (it was virtually nonexistent before then). After much persistence from the National Women’s History Project, Congress expanded the celebration to an entire month.

In the years since, we’ve seen more women rise to positions of influence – culturally, professionally, and politically – than ever before. Even now, we are seeing a major cultural shift with the #MeToo and #LeanIn movements. From the Women’s UN Peace Summit to a “Nasty Women of the Metropolitan Museum” tour, March offers a myriad of ways to celebrate historic moments and champion women.

So often, women in male-dominated industries are marginalized. This is very much still the case in the hospitality world. Whether it’s a pastry chef, a sommelier, a director of marketing, a president, or a CEO, this is our chance to spotlight them. Every day this month, Bullfrog + Baum will dedicate an Instagram post to a woman who is either breaking barriers or has already broken through the glass ceiling and, in the process, helping to pave the way for future generations of women in hospitality.

We are inspired by them, we support them, and we honor them. #PerSister.

Visit our Instagram (@bullfrogandbaum) each day to meet the strong women we’re featuring this month, learn about their influences, hear their advice, and tell their stories in their own words. 

#PerSister Women in Hospitality