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#MeetTheTeam — Julia Gordin

16 October 2017

Julia Gordin, Senior Account Executive

Julia Gordin. An active foodie who loves to travel. Passions include swimming and hiking – preferably in Bali, Indonesia, her perfect vacation location.  Friday nights are spent rocking out at SoulCycle, followed by a post-workout cocktail. Saturday mornings are reserved for coffee, reading, and brunch with friends. Her go-to order? Eggs over-easy, toast, home fries, and sautéed veggies. 

Secret talent: she’s amazing with directions.

Julia Gordin

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Who is Bullfrog + Baum?

Hospitality is everywhere™

We still find hospitality in the usual places—hotels, restaurants, and bars—but we also find it in places that others never think to look. The lines are blurring, and we see facets of hospitality where they never existed before. At Bullfrog + Baum, we set out every day to connect people to all the things that make life friendlier, warmer, and more welcoming wherever they are. And wherever they’re going to turn up next.

From drumbeat PR to blow-out event planning to comprehensive marketing strategies, we apply a one-of-a-kind energy, expertise, and experience to every project we undertake for every client we serve.


Change: Embrace it. Exploit It. Enjoy it.

One thing we’ve noticed since we got started in this business: like it or not, change is going to happen. So you might as well latch on to it, harness its energy, help create more of it and, ultimately, benefit from it. At Bullfrog + Baum, we do that for our clients and ourselves every day.

Our Team

Experienced sages. Curious youths. Instinctual creatives.

Brand-builders, insight-finders and story-disseminators by nature, we are inquisitive about the world, about people and about what makes communications tick. Convivial strivers, supportive collaborators and the comfortably geeky should feel right at home.