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#CookTheCover — Shaved Cucumber Greek Salad

13 September 2017

Starting this summer, Bullfrog + Baum is launching a #BIY series, aka Bullfrog It Yourself!  Whether it’s cooking up a signature dish or creating a work of art, the series will highlight our team’s creativity each week. Although we are confident in our skills, we challenge you all to join in – what is the best thing you make?

Why just drool over the covers of food magazines when you can taste them? #TeamBullfrog takes to the kitchen for our “Cook the Cover” series where we are recreating the covers of some of our favorite magazines and cookbooks each week. From ice cream tacos to shaved cucumber Greek salad, we cannot get enough of these delicious foods and drinks– bon appetite!

Watch below to see our summer intern Jane Schecterson whipping up Cooking Light’s Shaved Cucumber Greek Salad.  Nutritious and delicious!

Ingredients purchased from Trader Joe’s: Cucumbers, tomatoes, scallions, oregano, olives, Botticelli extra virgin olive oil and golden balsamic, crumbled feta, salt, pepper.