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An Ode to Corn

17 August 2017

Oh sweet taste of summer, 
With your golden locks and crisp kernels
I gaze upon you in wonder, 
Soon to shuck so I may devour
The pure delight that you are.

Photo by Melissa Cohn

Photo by Melissa Cohn

Sweet, seasonal and super versatile, corn is made for summertime. Whether starring as the hero of the backyard barbecue or the subtle supporting role in risotto, sweet corn is the added bite of sugar ideal for elevating your summer supper. Try it charred on the grill, tossed in a succotash or turn it into gelato. Shucking that sweet cob is well worth the effort.

Grilled Corn and Zucchini, radicchio, manchego, basil at Bobby Flay’s Gato

Seasonal Farro Risotto with local sweet corn and cherry tomatoes at Brider

White corn roasted on the husk, sautéed with rosemary oil, toasted walnuts and a little arugula, then mounted with aged goat cheese at Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant (Reston, VA)

Grilled Corn with Miso Butter at Blue Ribbon Kanpai Garden

Corn on the Cob with Cheddar Cheese Sauce and Salted Ronnybrook Butter at Creamline

Grilled Corn Samosa at Pondicheri

Charred Corn with chanterelles, raspberries, and tarragon at Agern

Corn Sourdough at Great Northern Food Hall

Corn Cruller with blueberry glaze, glazed blueberries and corn pudding at Italienne

Long Island Corn Salad at L’Amico

Photo by Melissa Cohn

Photo by Melissa Cohn

Creamy Corn Pasta using fresh sweet corn from Union Square Greenmarket and Botticelli Farfalle.  Recipe by Melissa Clark at The New York Times Cooking.